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Always flip your ads

This might seem counterintuitive, but in the world of sustainable fashion, just placing an ad isn’t enough to win over your ideal buyers. For years, I shared the belief that an ad would magically draw in customers. But when that didn’t work, I felt frustrated and puzzled. “Why aren’t people buying my awesome clothes?” I wondered. So, I made a decision to master the art of digital advertising and be among the best. I delved into psychology and advertising books, followed industry experts closely, and filled pages with insights.

And then, the revelation hit me!

The remarkable results I sought didn’t follow the conventional route. The key lay in truly understanding our audience and resonating with the mindset of social media users. So, I started emulating the successful players in this game.

Guess what? It worked like a charm! 🚀

My ads started eliciting positive responses. Phones began to ring with appointment bookings, online sales soared, and leads rolled in. My business transformed from stagnant to a thriving $4 million per year powerhouse. What changed? I cracked the code on creating captivating content and understanding the mechanics of the digital realm.

Here's what I discovered

1) Images:​

When users scroll through their feeds, they’re seeking relaxation, entertainment, and connection. They’re not there to make purchases. Initially, I crafted ads that felt too corporate. I was speaking to businesses, not individuals. That’s where I faltered.

However, once I harnessed the power of everyday, relatable images, I witnessed better results. 📸

The secret to success lies in embracing the emotions and ordinary moments that resonate with your audience. Avoid overly polished, stock-like images. Go “native” – make your visuals blend seamlessly with the platform.

2) Message:

Pair your message with your images. Social media is profoundly visual, and your message should deliver value. Even a little value goes a long way, and people appreciate it.

In my early days, I used terms like “performance,” “discount,” and “key performance indicators.” The problem? I was lulling my readers to sleep. I failed to see that I was addressing people, not robots.

Your message should offer value and forge an emotional connection with your potential customers. Make them feel understood, and show that your business can genuinely meet their needs. 💌

3) Action

Yes, you want results. Whether it’s clothing sales, event attendance, or appointment bookings, action matters. But the key is not to jump straight to action.

Most businesses fixate on the “Action” part, but they miss the crucial prior steps.

To truly succeed, you must ace the first two parts. You’ve got to use powerful and native images, provide value in your content, and establish an emotional connection with your audience. When you’ve done that, you’ve “earned the right” to call for action.

And now, the exciting part! I’ve designed a training program that reveals the process I mastered to succeed in digital advertising. 🚀


In this training, I’ll show you how to sell your used clothes and increase your earnings using Itfitsu, “the digital dressing room.” You’ll also learn how to capture stunning product photos, select the perfect selling platform, and connect with the right customers.

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If you found this post valuable, you’re going to love the training. It’s packed with insights to help you succeed in the world of sustainable fashion. 🌎

At the end of the training, I’ll even share how you can collaborate closely with my team and me if that aligns with your goals.

Enjoy the training, and here’s to your used clothes selling success! 🌟

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